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Grass Valley Pest & Weed Control offers a variety of services for home, ranch, commercial, schools, churches and more


  • Pre-Emergent

Helps prevent weeds for 4-6 months. For ground covers, planted & sensitive areas. This will not harm existing established plants.

  • General Weed Control     

We use a gentle bio degradable herbicide that will eliminate having to weed eat your property. We can  help protect your property from the summer wildfire season.  Allows you to pass a CDF inspection of weed growth while eliminating the ground fire fuel load.

  • Yellow Starthistle & Broad Leaf Weed Control

New selective herbicides will control these weeds without harm to grasses. Ideal for pastures and wildlife openings No need to worry about horses and other animals, we are fully trained, licensed and understand the use of these products.

  • Poison Oak, Scotch Broom & Other Brush

Cutting, mowing and other mechanical means is only giving the brush a hair cut- it will grow back.  By using the proper herbicide with professional equipment first the plant will only have to be cut once. No one in Nevada County has helped more property owners solve their vegetation problems longer than we have.

  • Blackberry & Cattails

Yes, we can eliminate these troublesome plants. By using our proven application techniques, doing it at the right time of year and our ability to apply in aquatic situations without harm to birds, fish and other wildlife . . . . these plants are no problem fo us.

  • Roadside Weed Control

Our comprehensive weed control program will eliminate those pesky weeds trying to grow through the road base and in the ditches thus keeping your private roads clean and tidy while eliminating the roadside fire hazard from sparks and hot mufflers. 

No job is too big or too small. If the weeds are a nuisance and irritation to you, and you need help . . . You have definitely come to the right place. We will help you eradicate them - quickly and efficiently. Whether it is an area just around the guest house or a thousand acre parcel, we can handle either of these projects equally well. Please call us for a free phone consultation or to schedule a free site visit to go over your specific situation, in detail.

  • Ornamental Trees, Fruit Trees and Shrubs 

Tree spraying does not have to be a dirty word!  Done correctly and responsibly, tree spraying is a process of helping trees deal with insect and disease problems.  We practice IPM - Integrated Pest Management; a method of plant health care that minimizes pesticide use.  In fact, our policy has always been to use the least toxic material in the smallest dose possible to obtain control.  In many cases, horticultural oils are all that are necessary if applied at the right time!

  • Systemic Aphid Control
  • Leaf or Fruit Eating Caterpillars
  • Beetles
  • Scales
  • Fungus
  • Both active growth and dormant spraying are employed in our hands on approach to the most effective and best practices required to manage the insect or disease problems at hand.

Please call us for a program to meet your specific needs.

We can be reached at (530) 273-BUGS (2847) or by email at help@gvbugs.com

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